Why Finland

There are many reasons why Finland is the top choice for numerous students from all over the world

All Schools are Amazing

Regardless of the size or location in Finland all schools are equal

In Finland the best school is always the one that is closest to you. All education is done by master-certificated teachers and prepare the student equally for their next step like applying into universities.

Even though schools are equal there are regional differences and some schools have for example emphasis on certain sports.

Education and Possibilities

Finland’s education system is among the best in the world and you can work to become anything


The Finnish education system is among the best in the world – and when you study in Finnish or Swedish language it is tuition free.


Finland is at the forefront of technological innovation and developing new ways work.

Modern lifestyle

Contrasting our beautiful forest Finland has amazing big cities to live and visit.


One of the world’s best hotbeds for start-ups offer great network and opportunities for future leaders.

Active hobbies

Students are able to pursue their interest all over Finland start entirely new and exciting hobbies.

Quality of Life

Finland is in the top 3 countries with highest quality of life


Finland has very low level of corruption and its crime rate is also one of the lowest in the world.


Finland has an open, encouraging and democractic society to support its people!


In 2024, for the 7th time in a row, Finland has been ranked as the happiest country in the world.


Finland is one of the most equal and civilized countries in the world.

Welfare system

Finland’s compreehsive social welfare system supports residents through universal services.

Nature & Culture

Finnish culture is as international as it is traditional, offering the best environment for students to succeed


WHO and UNICEF rank Finland’s air and waters purest and highest quality in the world.

Natural beauty

Vast great forests and almost 200 000 lakes makes Finland a fabulous adventure.

Seasonal experiences

Four distinct seasons offer unique activities and amazing experiences in the country.

Cultural richness

From Santa Claus to Saunas, and to celebration of Midsummer, Finland’s rich heritage blend into modern lifestyles.