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Finest Future is offering international youth opportunities to graduate from a Finnish vocational school for FREE! You can develop your professional skills, apply for well-paid jobs while studying, and have thousands of jobs available to you after graduation.

In Finland, vocational education and training are held in high regard. Qualified and competent teachers, flexible qualifications, strong employment prospects and eligibility for further studies are the reasons that make vocational education an attractive choice. Vocational education also enables students to continue their studies in higher education. This is a great way to start a fantastic life in the happiest nation on the planet.

Finnish Vocational Education & Training

Watch The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture explain Vocational Education and Training in Finland!

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Benefits of Vocational Training School

  • Learn a profession
  • Able to work from the 2nd or 3rd year (related to the profession)
  • Immediate employment opportunities upon graduation
  • Gain unique experiences by studying with people of different ages
  • The best return on career investment – start earning already while studying
  • Opportunity for paid internships and apprenticeships with industry-standard salary

Our Partner Schools

RIVERIA Education

RIVERIA Education

Riveria is one of the largest vocational education and training (VET) providers in Finland

Riveria organizes vocational upper secondary, further vocational and specialist vocational qualifications, also liberal adult and summers university education. The Ministry of Culture and Education has awarded Riveria the Quality Award for Vocational Education in 2002, 2008, 2012, and 2016.

LAPPIA Education

LAPPIA Education

Lappia is situated in the Northern Finland, offer practical training for young people, adults and the working life in Lapland.

The operating area of Lappia covers 30 per cent of Finland’s surface area. We have offices in Kemi, in Loue in Tervola, in Muonio, Rovaniemi and Tornio. We also carry out various training courses elsewhere in Finland and serve customers across the border to Sweden and Norway.

STEP Education edited

STEP Education

STEP-KOULUTUS (STEP Education) is a private educational learning institution run by Kirkkopalvelut. STEP-koulutus has campus areas in Järvenpää, Pieksämäki, Lapua, Kaustinen, Nykarleby and Ruokolahti. STEP-koulutus is specialized in social and healthcare education, humanities, and various church professions. STEP-koulutus also offers preparatory training and guidance and short courses for people with special needs and other groups of people.


Language Program Admission Requirements

  • Lower Secondary Diploma
  • English proficiency equivalent to IELTS 5.0 (IELTS certification not required)
  • Soft skills including teamwork, problem-solving, communication and the ability to work independently
If you have already studied the Finnish language before, you can apply straight to our intermediate levels of language learning

Where to start?

The application process starts with an interview with Finest Future. We will evaluate candidates’ English proficiency and soft skills. Students succeeding in the interview are eligible for the program. They will continue preparing their study-abroad profile, beginning with the Finnish language course by Finest Future Finnish Language Program.

Application Process

1. Contact a partner in your location (see below)
2. Take part in our interview
3. Start your Finnish learning
4. Apply to our vocational schools

Contact our Partners

Students apply via our partners.

Through our partners, we guarantee step-by-step guidance with attentive service along the upcoming journey until students start their first semester in Finland.




ExamNet Tanzania is a software development company specializing in Education. We are passionately helping companies/organizations of all sizes across the country to accomplish their educational digital transformation. We are currently discovering talents that would be given the opportunity to study in FInland through Finest Future.




Representing Finest Future throughout Africa through Afriproedu


Kysel Supreme


Kysel is a unique educational consulting company based in Ghana which was born out of
passion to see young talents grow to their fullest potentials.

CQE assessorias
Vocational Program 31


CQE has more than 20 years of experience providing its clients with state-of-the-art safety and quality in diverse segments of engineering, and now we are ready to go beyond: guarantee the finest future in the world to the Brazilian Youth! More than that, we want to do it by providing you with all the 20 years of cumulative safety and quality CQE has to offer!

CNP LOGO final 2

Cross Northern Pole Oy


Cross Northern Pole Ltd. is a Finnish company dedicated to helping Chinese students pursue studies in Finnish high schools and universities, providing a tailored service for both the students and their parents. We have well-established partners in all parts of China working closely together to make our students’ journey to Finland a wonderful experience!

HHS Company Logo

Hey High School Education


With years of professional experience, they focus on long-term cultivation and personal growth of children, and hope to become a bridge between parents and children.

studyadviser 1

Study Adviser


Study Adviser is registered in both Denmark and Shanghai, China, with more than 16 years of experience in bringing Chinese students to nordic countries. 

YTW Group Ltd.


Our official partner YTW Group Ltd. is specialized in the educational field in Indonesia for many years and will offer you professional assistance.

FinlandQ logo



FinlandQ established a separated service line to enable talents with the age of 15 to 20 moving to Finland one of the most having high-quality education in the world. Our team are business experts who know how to magnet talents and empower them into an international society.

finest future Myanmar WBG1

Finest Future Myanmar


Creating opportunities & finest future between Finland & Myanmar.




Founded by enthusiastic entrepreneurs from Finland and Philippines to empower students and professionals around the world through holistic learning.

Brighter Future

Brighter Future Oy


Finclass logo



Finclass is Thailand’s first education consulting company focusing on Finland. Finclass provides consulting sessions to Thai students, parents, and educators about studying and working in Finland.

finspire logo 4 edited


Finspire is an investment & education company built with an effort to bring a new happy and peaceful life to the generation of young Vietnamese. We are the bridge for young Vietnamese to have the opportunity to study and develop in Finland.

Logo GD tong hop 23

Tan Thoi Dai

Tan Thoi Dai Education System was established in January, 2018 as a result of more than 10 – year research of dedicated educators and educational investors. The system has been organized and developed with the desire to become the best.

Edulinks logo


Edulinks is currently the leading prestigious and professional study abroad consulting company in Vietnam. Edulinks has a history of development for 17 years, realizing the dream of studying abroad for thousands of Vietnamese students.

Edubay Logo


EduBay is a study abroad consulting company headquartered in Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, Vietnam. We offer our customers a variety of services: summer camps, study abroad consulting service to students entering High school abroad.

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RAB Academy

RAB positions itself as an Educational & Advisory Partner, distributing qualified and relevant international academic courses and experience to learners of different ages. RAB mission is to make things Right At the Beginning. No wasted effort and time.

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Pi Institute

At Pi Institute offers the opportunity to become an international citizen through a lifelong learning journey, through international training programs (short course, MBA, PhD) and international research publication seminars.


Our Vocational Schools provide high-quality vocational training and education within various professions. They are concentrated on developing the students’ knowledge and helping them gain working life skills in real work environments, in school, or in companies.  The vocational qualification granted by our Vocational Schools gives general eligibility for the Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland. 

According to the Finnish regulation, everyone has an equal opportunity to receive a high-quality education regardless of the family’s income and to grow up to become active individuals. Therefore, there are no ranking tables comparing schools in Finland, because all schools are equal. The principals will make decisions on selecting the students to participate in their institutions.

Finest Future connects Finland and the Finest Bay Area with the rest of the world. We are partnering with Vocational Schools in Finland and educational consultation companies around the world. In practice, Finest Future is mainly responsible for all academic matters, namely providing educational opportunities in Vocational Schools and teaching Finnish to students in order to be eligible for the application. Educational Consultation Partners around the world deal with the 1-1 consultancy and support for registering students to our Finnish Language Class, visa application, etc. We also have joint responsibilities with our Partners in the recruitment and selection of candidates, marketing activities, etc.

That is Finnish. Students who wish to pursue Vocational Degrees have to study Finnish taught by Finest Future in order to be eligible for school admission.

  • More practice-oriented
  • Opportunities to have paid internships and apprenticeships from the second year
  • Boost your career prospects
  • Get a European Degree and be recognized to be eligible for applying to Universities of Applied Sciences

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