Student story

Finding my very own Finest Future in Finland

Why not Finland?

My name is Anna and I found out about Finest Future’s language programs through my school. I did a little research about the country and the decision to come to Finland came quickly – the education is among the best in the world and its tuition free!

Why not Finland indeed!

Visiting Tampere, one of my favorite cities in Finland
Visiting Tampere, one of my favorite cities in Finland

I arrived in Finland in the summer of 2021. Originally I had thought I would aim to work in the event management field. I’ve always found joy in organising things!

However, starting my studies here I found some other fields also that I became interested in – we did not have these opportunities back in Vietnam – subjects like politics and entrepreneurship.

Now I have so many options and visions for my own future!

Brave New World

Basically everything about Finland is different from Vietnam.

The climate, the scenery, the transportation, etc. When I first arrived in Finland it was summer, and the temperature in Helsinki happened to be 15 degrees of Celcius.

When we traveled to the North of Finland, to the city of Salla, it felt like it was freezing because the temperature was mere 7 degrees there in summer?! Sometimes there are days even in the summer when it’s not super warm in Finland.

Hiking in the mountains near city of Salla

We kinda had to buy winter jackets to wear outside – the locals there might have looked at us as if we were crazy 🤪 ☃️

Into the School life and living in Finland

Perhaps because of the colder climate my initial impression of the Finnish people was that they’re unreachable and hard to talk to – fortunately it isn’t so!

After starting to live in Finland and finding Finnish friends, I realised that…

Finns are actually the most trustworthy and loyal friends ever! 🤗

Besides that, after getting myself more adjusted to the climate, I started to enjoy the atmosphere and nature of Finland so much. It’s very clean and nice here, and I especially enjoy walking in the forest when I have free-time!

In the beginning I had some challenges with the language.

However, when the school and study routines settled in I started to learn and understand everything much better. Because of that the class lessons became truly interesting.

It was an entirely new world to get excited about!

One thing that I love about Finnish education is that I get to choose optional courses in the subjects I am really interested in!

I am taking most of my matriculation exams this year. So far, I have taken 3 of them already! Social Studies, Mathematics and Finnish.

I plan to write English, French and Psychology next spring. I hope to get into a university in Tampere with my matriculation exam results, but I will also take entrance exams as a backup plan of course.

In Finland you have so many amazing options and opportunities!

Here schools have many interesting subjects that we didn’t have back in Vietnam – for example: Social StudiesPsychology and Philosophy. Also the schools’ timetable is much much more flexible, and I can find more free time to develop myself as well as spend on my hobbies.

I love to dance, I usually watch Youtube and practice on my own. I also play sports, such as basketball, badminton and swimming, with my friends.

Sometimes I practice the instruments on my own.

I have played the guitar and piano for quite a time, but these days I also enjoy learning new instruments, for example the drum, and bass – and learning how to play the bass properly is definitely on the top of my list!

Then I want to develop more on downhill skiing – and I also want to try surfing!

Into the Amazing Race Suomi

Suddenly in 2023 I had the opportunity to take part in a TV show!

What a summer!

Amazing Race Suomi is of course the Finnish version of the world wide popular Amazing Race TV program. It was absolutely amazing! I got to show part of my home city in Vietnam and tell Finnish audiences about the culture.

I also felt special to be the first and only Vietnamese in the first ever season of Amazing Race Finland! I felt proud of being a Vietnamese who speaks Finnish – I have two cultures in my heart ❤️

One interesting thing about the Amazing Race Suomi experience was that I truly realised how important language and a way to communicate really is. The TV show emphasises the importance of communication – not just for me, but also for the whole cast of the TV show.

We traveled a great deal in many countries around the world!

Language was definitely one of the biggest challenges in the competition, but through that, I also got more motivation to even learn some new languages in the future.

I started my languages journey with Finest Future.

Their mission to save Finland is to help all talented and motivated students everywhere with the opportunity to build their own finest futures – in Finland.

You see, Finland is simply running out of people and there is demand for students, employees and entrepreneurs.

Step 1: Learn the Finnish language with Finest Future

Step 2: Apply into School in Finland

Step 2: Get the best education in the world – tuition free in Finland!

Communication is the key to everything in life!

Contact us today to find your Finest Future in Finland!

Anh Thy, Vietnam