Winter Camp 2025

Explore Wonders of Finland and experience Finnish education in Finest Futeres Camps

10 Days of Amazing Fun in the Snow!

Winter Camp Finland organized by Finest Future is a program designed to offer students a one-in-a-lifetime experience. Students get the chance to explore Finland and its wonders.

Experience Finnish education and wonders of Finland

Finest Future camps bring you a unique opportunity to experience Finnish education, learn and develop a great variety of skills, and discover the beauty and charm of Finland while participating in a variety of exciting outdoor activities and cultural excursions.

From hiking in the breathtaking national parks to skiing on the snowy slopes to exploring the vibrant cities in Finland, our camps provide an unforgettable opportunity to experience the best of Finland while making lifelong friends from around the world.

Winter Camp 2025

13 – 22 January, 2025


The main duration of the camp will be spent in Salla, Finland, with trips and visits to other cities across the country, such as Rovaniemi (Santa Claus Village) and Helsinki (the capital city).


This camp is for students aged 12-18 from all over the world.

Program Inclusions

The cost of the camp includes all meals and accommodation for the full 10 days, as well as classes, startup mentors, all travel expenses within Finland, and all entrance fees/other costs for program activities here to begin editing.

Camp Leader

Bambi Dang, Finest Future’s CEO and co-founder, has been the host of our camps for 3 years running. Bambi is a Serial Entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience.


Our campers will stay at the Holiday Club Salla Superior Apartments. This Finnish Lapland hotel is in Salla Ski Resort, just 50 metres from the ski lifts. It offers a restaurant, swimming pool, sauna and hot tub access. An on-site minimarket sells groceries and other supplies. Free WiFi is offered in all rooms.

Why choose our winter camp?

Language classes

Learn a bunch with our Finnish or Swedish language classes with native teachers!

Learn the basics, converse with locals, and embrace the rich culture of this Nordic wonderland.

*We have different editions of our Summer Camp: Swedish Summer Camp and Finnish Summer Camp for our current language students and the English Summer Camp for new students who wish to learn from scratch

Life skill classes

Master essential life skills through our hands-on classes.

Discover the joy of cooking in our culinary workshops and excel in home economics, equipping yourself with valuable knowledge for a lifetime

*We also offer start-up classes that nurture creativity and entrepreneurial skills, inspiring young minds to innovate and turn their ideas into reality.

Nature fun

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Finland’s lakes and embark on thrilling hiking escapades, exploring the beauty of lush forests and creating unforgettable memories in the heart of nature.

*Finest Future Camp Staff is trained on first-aid to ensure a safe experience to students

Games & escape room

Exhilarating evenings filled with laughter and challenges.

Engage in friendly competitions, bond with fellow campers, and put your minds to the test in our thrilling escape room night.

Visit Helsinki & Finnish cities

Campers have the chance to uncover the vibrant cities of Finland, including the capital city Helsinki, and other incredible must-visit Finnish destinations

Ski, Snowboard & Ice-Swimming

Immerse yourself in skiing and snowboarding adventures and experience the rush of adrenaline as you take a dip in icy waters during our invigorating ice-swimming sessions.

*Our experienced team will also share the many health benefits of ice swimming, making it enriching for your mind and body.

“For me, the whole summer camp is a mosaic of many cherishable moments but one of my core memories would be when everyone gathered for Finnish sauna and then jumped into the cool-watered lake dancing to the music blasting from the cabin.

The 2 weeks camp really gave me a chance to get to know Finland along with many friends with different mother tongues and cultures before starting my school year. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to explore this country with a dash of pure liveliness. ”

Finest Future high school student Carrie, Summer Camp 2022

Contact our team to know more about accommodation, location, dates, and fees for our next Summer Camp!

Plans and Pricing

Amazing Winter Camp 2025!
Early Bird Price!

2.240,00 €

Applicable regional surcharges/VAT/transaction costs of business will be added (estimation 10%, varies from country to country)
Prices are valid through year 2024