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Studying in the excellent education of Finland is a dream of any international student who is seeking an authentically high-quality education of the world. Their desirable dream will come to reality with the Finland High school Program by Finest Future. Here is where they start the academic journey to Finland from an early age.

The program brings all students opportunities to study high school abroad in Finland, home of 380 high schools with equally top quality. Many of them offer a particular pathway to universities in Finland, which rank among top-world universities.

Finest Future is the companion guiding students through the whole progression from student selection, school consultancy, Finnish language & Integration courses organizing to relocation support. We are eager to open the future door to the planet’s happiest nation for students from all over the world.

After passing our language programs you can apply to schools in Finland. Schools will make the decision about students’ acceptance.

Why Finland?

Why Finland

The world’s happiest nation

Finland education stands out in comparison with any modern educational systems in other developed countries. Finland marks its name with 1% of world-ranking universities and the top spot as the world’s happiest nation. Hence, students in Finland are guaranteed to have free access to the world-class education standard and enjoy their happiest life in the world.

Finland is one the most worth-living countries based on a high level of equality and freedom in school and society and the highest living standard in OECDs. Finland is also respected as one of the most innovative countries, the safest country to travel to, the greenest country with the best air quality.

If you are finding a new foreign country to live happily and study well, look no further than Finland!

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All schools are equal

High school in Finland will be a great head start for future goals of any students.

In Finland, the school quality is entirely equal regardless of the size and location of the school. Unlike the school ranking list in other countries, the best schools in Finland are the closest local ones. All students will study with master-certificated teachers using innovative teaching methods, allowing them to have a growth and entrepreneur mindset. This fantastic high school program is completely tuition-free for all students.

The high school program is flexible, from 2 to 4 years with 150 credits. After completing it, students have a chance to receive free access to world-renowned higher education, or students can early choose to study in a high school offering a straight pathway to a partner university. After graduation, there are always open pathways for any student to get a permanent residency and become a Finnish citizen.

After passing our language programs you can apply to schools in Finland. Schools will make the decision about students’ acceptance.

High Schools in our program

And many more schools for you to browse when applying to the program.

What our students say

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what other
international students are saying about Finland

Duc Anh – Student in Finest Future’s High School Program 2021 in Vietnam

Anh Thy – Student in Finest Future’s High School Program 2021 in Vietnam

What our parents say

It’s not only our students who are happy choosing Finland, but also their parents. See for yourself!

Our Agents

In order to support students in every step of the way towards their Finland goal, we cooperate with multiple agencies, who are prestigious and helpful education agents in localities. We encourage students to contact the nearest agent for comprehensive support in areas such as 1 – 1 consultancy, visa procedure, and relocation service for Finland.


ExamNet Tanzania is a software development company specializing in Education. We are passionately helping companies/organizations of all sizes across the country to accomplish their educational digital transformation. We are currently discovering talents that would be given the opportunity to study in Finland through Finest Future.



Representing Finest Future throughout Africa through AfriPro.


Kysel Supreme

Kysel is a unique educational consulting company based in Ghana that was born out of the passion to see young talents grow to their fullest potential.


Steinberg – Estudar Fora

Steinberg – Estudar Fora is a strategic admissions counseling firm based in Brazil primarily focused on providing educational solutions to Brazilian students. Steinberg’s work consists of understanding each candidate’s peculiarities and potential and helping them communicate their strengths to educational institutions worldwide.

Di Lua Viagens

Di Lua Viagens

Di Lua Viagens’ mission is to help people live true and transforming experiences through their travels.


Cross Northern Pole Oy

Cross Northern Pole Ltd. is a Finnish company dedicated to helping Chinese students pursue studies in Finnish high schools and universities. It provides a tailored service for both the students and their parents.




FinlandQ enables talents aged 15-20 to move to Finland and experience one of the most high-quality education systems in the world. Our team are business experts who know how to magnet talents and empower them into an international society.

Akari Hara

Finest Future Japan – Akari Hara

Finest Future Ltd is a company in the strategic consulting business with a primary focus on Education. Finest Future’s flagship project is the Finest Future High School program which offers access for international students to the best educational system in the world in the heart of Finest Bay area, Finland.


Finest Future Myanmar

Creating opportunities between Finland & Myanmar.

Brighter Future

Brighter Future Oy



Finclass is Thailand’s first education consulting company focusing on Finland. Finclass provides consulting sessions to Thai students, parents, and educators about studying and working in Finland.

Next Move Finland

Next Move Finland

Next Move Finland is an education advisor specializing in studying in Finland. The project has been established by Ms. Nattaya Bunyoo, who has long experience studying, working, and living in Finland.



EduBay is a study abroad consulting company headquartered in Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, Vietnam. We offer our customers various services including summer camps and study abroad consulting services to students entering High school abroad.



Edulinks is currently the leading prestigious and professional study abroad consulting company in Vietnam. Edulinks has a history of development for 17 years, realizing the dream of studying abroad for thousands of Vietnamese students.


Du học Miễn Học phí Blue Sky

Free Study Abroad Center was established by Intellectual Education Investment Co., Ltd and Blue Sky Air Ticket and Tourism One Member Company Limited. We are experts in advising on education abroad, as well as air travel and tourism packages.

Zalo: 03770 11661



Finspire is an investment & education company built with an effort to bring a new happy and peaceful life to the generation of young Vietnamese. We are the bridge for young Vietnamese to have the opportunity to study and develop in Finland.

Happy Citizen

Happy Citizen

Happy Citizen has over 30 years of experience in international migration with a team of top experts and strategic partners in various countries. Their mission is to provide fast and comprehensive immigration solutions, with a commitment to accompanying customers in achieving their goals.


Hoan My Education

Hoan My Education, established in 2015, focuses on overseas study consultancy and student scholarships. Having a team with over 10 years of dedicated experience and enthusiasm to support the best for students to study and live in foreign countries.

RAB Academy

RAB Academy

RAB positions itself as an Educational & Advisory Partner, distributing qualified and relevant international academic courses and experience to learners of different ages. RAB’s mission is to make things Right At the Beginning. No wasted effort and time.


SHAPE Education

Realizing the importance of fostering the growth of each individual, SHAPE strives to provide educational solutions that are personalized and dedicated to the uniqueness of each and every student.


Tan Thoi Dai

Tan Thoi Dai Education System was established in January 2018 as a result of more than 10 years of research by dedicated educators and educational investors. The system has been organized and developed with the desire to become the best.

How to apply

The Finest Future High School Program is open for applications NOW!

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Application process

The application process starts with an interview with Finest Future. We will evaluate candidates’ English proficiency and soft skills. Students succeeding in the interview are eligible for the program. They will continue preparing their study-abroad profile, beginning with the Finnish language course by Finest Future Finnish Language Program.


1. Call for applications: Anytime
2. Entry Interview: Weekly
3. Selected applicant approval or rejection: Within one week of interview
4. Start of Academic studies in Finland: Timeline according to Finnish Language skills

Easy apply

Students apply via our partners.

Through our partners, we guarantee step-by-step guidance with attentive service along the upcoming journey until students start their first semester in Finland.

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