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Studying in the excellent education of Finland is a dream of any international student who is seeking an authentically high-quality education of the world. Their desirable dream will come to reality with the Finland High school Program by Finest Future. Here is where they start the academic journey to Finland from an early age.

The program brings all students opportunities to study high school abroad in Finland, home of 380 high schools with equally top quality. Many of them offer a particular pathway to universities in Finland, which rank among top-world universities.

Finest Future is the companion guiding students through the whole progression from student selection, school consultancy, Finnish language & Integration courses organizing to relocation support. We are eager to open the future door to the planet’s happiest nation for students from all over the world.

Why Finland?

Why Finland

The world’s happiest nation

Finland education stands out in comparison with any modern educational systems in other developed countries. Finland marks its name with 1% of world-ranking universities and the top spot as the world’s happiest nation. Hence, students in Finland are guaranteed to have free access to the world-class education standard and enjoy their happiest life in the world.

Finland is one the most worth-living countries based on a high level of equality and freedom in school and society and the highest living standard in OECDs. Finland is also respected as one of the most innovative countries, the safest country to travel to, the greenest country with the best air quality.

If you are finding a new foreign country to live happily and study well, look no further than Finland!

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All schools are equal

High school in Finland will be a great head start for future goals of any students.

In Finland, the school quality is entirely equal regardless of the size and location of the school. Unlike the school ranking list in other countries, the best schools in Finland are the closest local ones. All students will study with master-certificated teachers using innovative teaching methods, allowing them to have a growth and entrepreneur mindset. This fantastic high school program is completely tuition-free for all students.

The high school program is flexible, from 2 to 4 years with 150 credits. After completing it, students have a chance to receive free access to world-renowned higher education, or students can early choose to study in a high school offering a straight pathway to a partner university. After graduation, there are always open pathways for any student to get a permanent residency and become a Finnish citizen.

High Schools in our program

And many more schools for you to browse when applying to the program.

What our students say

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Duc Anh – Student in Finest Future’s High School Program 2021 in Vietnam

Anh Thy – Student in Finest Future’s High School Program 2021 in Vietnam

Our partners

In order to support students in every step of the way towards their Finland goal, we cooperate with multiple partners, who are prestigious and helpful education agents in localities. We encourage students to contact the nearest partner for comprehensive support in areas such as 1 – 1 consultancy, visa procedure, and relocation service for Finland.

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Tan Thoi Dai Education System was established in January, 2018 as a result of more than 10 – year research of dedicated educators and educational investors. The system has been organized and developed with the desire to become the best.

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Edulinks is currently the leading prestigious and professional study abroad consulting company in Vietnam. Edulinks has a history of development for 17 years, realizing the dream of studying abroad for thousands of Vietnamese students.

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EduBay is a study abroad consulting company headquartered in Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, Vietnam. We offer our customers a variety of services: summer camps, study abroad consulting service to students entering High school abroad.

The Education Company


The Education Company (TEC) was founded in 2002 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Our mission is to become a trusted companion of students in their journey of successful study abroad. We always try to help students to choose the most suitable education pathway based on their individual abilities.


Rodrigo Ribeiro


International Marketing and Sales Representative at Finest Future Ltd with a strong background in education. Building connections between Brazil and Finland.

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FinlandQ established a separated service line to enable talents with the age of 15 to 20 moving to Finland one of the most having high-quality education in the world. Our team are business experts who know how to magnet talents and empower them into an international society.

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Let’s Finland in Burmese


Creating opportunities & finest future between Finland & Myanmar.

How to apply

Finest Future High School program 2022 is now OPEN!

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Application process

The call for Finland High School Program 2022 launches from 1 July to 30 September 2021. The application process starts with an interview with the Finest Future council, who will evaluate candidates’ English proficiency and soft skills. Students succeeding in the interview are eligible for the program. They will continue preparing their study-abroad profile, beginning with the Finnish language course by Finest Future Finnish Language Program.


1. Call for applications: 1 July – 30 September 2021
2. Application interview: Until 30 September 2021
3. Selected applicant announcement: 1 October 2021
4. School start: August 2022

Easy apply

Students can choose to apply via our partners or directly to Finest Future.

We guarantee step-by-step guidance with attentive service along the upcoming journey until students start their first semester in Finland.

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Yes, you still can apply while you are still studying in lower secondary; but later, to be accepted into a Finnish high school, you will need to present your graduation diploma.

Yes, you still can apply while you are still studying in lower secondary; but later, to be accepted into a Finnish high school, you will need to present your graduation diploma.

You will study in Finnish, which we will guarantee a B1.1 outcome level after six months of learning with us. Besides, approximately 70% Finnish people speak English, many of them fluently, so you can easily communicate with local people in both English and Finnish.

All schools in Finland offer a 100% tuition waiver and free lunch for the entire high school time. You can always browse scholarship opportunities on the school website or funding organizations. Finest Future does not share or grant any scholarships.