Finest Future visited the largest education fair in the Nordics!

What an amazing experience we had at Educa!

Educa, the largest convention for the education sector in the Nordics, took place just before the end of January at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Center (Messukeskus). 

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Finest Future had many points of interest and connections to build. Our vision to enable all motivated and talented youth around the world to access the greatest education in the world requires like-minded partners who have their eyes on the horizon and Finland’s well-being in their hearts. 

Educa fair crowds – PHOTO BY EDUCA

The fair was a great success as more than 15000 people attended the event. It further cements Finland’s focus on education as one of the building blocks of the future for everyone. School in Finland is as much an obligation as it is a privilege – and when you do it in the Finnish language it is tuition free through University level. 

This is what Finest Future is all about – to bring everyone the opportunity to get started on their own dream, no matter where in the world they are. They can build a most happy future in Finland and the first step is with us.

Cooperation is a Super Power!

Finest Future’s dream team spent two incredible days immersed in an atmosphere of innovation and networking, during which we:

  • Learned more about Finland’s latest developments in education policies. This knowledge will enable us to adapt to the changing needs of our school partners and our students upon their arrival in Finland. Easier and clearer guidelines for everyone!
  • Built bridges with active citizen organizations and learnt more about how they can contribute to the development of our program content related to peace, multiculturalism, equality, and environmental protection.
  • Met with representatives from fantastic free-time associations that are enthusiastic about welcoming our students. This helps Finest Future to expand our network of partners for our amazing students in our community and activity planning.
  • Connected with new teachers who share our passion for education and with schools excited to join our project. What Finest Future is doing is absolutely new and exciting!

Presidential candidates at Educa

Finland was in the midst of voting for the next president at the time of Educa – naturally all the presidential candidates were at the fair because education is one of the most important standing stones for Finland. 

Presidential candidates at Educa Fair – PHOTO BY EDUCA

“Civilization as Finland’s Super Power” was a huge and impactful topic for the presidential candidates and also a strong point to drive across: we take education and its possibilities super seriously in Finland.

It is just one of the things that make our country one of the most amazing in this world of ours. Here students can truly shape their own futures with the help of our society and people.

Become… whatever you want – in Finland!