Bringing Finnish Education to Vietnam

Our mission to tell the whole world about the excellence of Finnish education continues! Recently, we’ve been traveling around Vietnam visiting education fairs and schools to introduce students all around the country to the wonders of Finnish education. Let’s catch up on where we’ve been!

BMI Education Fair in Ho Chi Minh City

We had an amazing time at the BMI Education Fair, which provided an incredible platform to showcase the uniqueness of Finnish education to Vietnamese students and introduce them to the dynamic programs at Finest Future.

Spreading the word about Finnish education!

Visitors to our booth were not only amazed by the Finnish “tuition-fee” policy that applies to all schools across the country but were also treated to delightful Finnish candies and exclusive Finest Future merchandise! The booth even caught the attention of Bao Thanh Nien, and our representatives had the chance to speak to them about the requirements for studying in Finland. You can check out their special feature on Finest Future here!

Phenomenal Learning at Nguyen Sieu High School

Meeting students at Nguyen Sieu High School!

Our passionate team led by Director of Language, Krista Jokinen, recently visited Nguyen Sieu High School in Hanoi. The team presented “Phenomenal Learning”; a traditional methodology in Finnish education that allows students to understand one concept from multiple perspectives.

Phenomenal Learning with the students and teachers

Students and teachers delved into the theme of “light”, exploring it through various subjects like Maths, Physics, Biology, Social Sciences, Chemistry, and more. To make the experience even more exciting, students engaged in a uniquely crafted Bingo game at the Finest Future booth, where students were quizzed on fun facts about Finland.

Keep an eye out for videos and interviews from this event coming soon!

Strengthening Relationships with Schools

L-R: Nghia, Tuomas, Mrs. Chinh, Peter, and Bambi

Finest Future’s commitment to sharing the excellence of Finnish education extended to Vinschool. Discussions were held with Mrs. Chinh, Head of ESL and Academic Counseling, and the Principal of Vinschool Central Park about Finnish education, and offering the best educational environment for students.

Meeting the students at Vinschool

While agreements for future collaboration were to be further discussed, we’re excited to visit the brand new campus – Vinschool Grand Park – in December.

Global education fairs, Phenomenal Learning, and relationships with educational institutions like Vinschool are all part of our efforts to introduce students in Vietnam and beyond to the excellence and uniqueness of Finnish education.

Finland’s education system has long been admired globally, and thanks to Finest Future, Vietnamese students are getting a glimpse of what makes it so exceptional.

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