How You Can Earn a Practical Nurse Degree in Finland Without Tuition and Accommodation Fees

Finest Future was recently joined by representatives from STEP Education in Finland in a live webinar to share details of their Practical Nurse Program and what students who decide to study a vocational education abroad in Finland can expect from life there.

Finest Future extends its thanks to the STEP Education representatives:
– Pilvi Peltola – Coordinator of the Jarvenpaa campus of STEP Education
– Merja Reunanen – Coordinator of the Pieksamaki campus of STEP Education

Pilva Peltola
Merja Reunanen

What is STEP Education?

STEP Education was founded at the Pieksamaki campus in 1918, and has been training students in nursing for almost 30 years. Today, STEP specializes in health and social care education at two of its six total campuses. 

The original Pieksamaki campus, in the city of Pieksamaki, is located in the South Savo region of Finland in the middle of the picturesque Finnish Lakeland (Jarvi-Suomi) – where lakes occupy 25% of the total area.

The later founded Jarvenpaa campus, in the town of Jarvenpaa, is located just a 30-minute train journey from the Finnish capital of Helsinki. 

Helsinki Cathedral in Finland’s capital city

Practical Nurse Program

Cooperation, organization, empathy and fairness are all qualities required to succeed in nursing. Practical nursing is suited for people who enjoy working in social environments, can be flexible and make quick decisions. 

The Practical Nurse Program is compromised of theoretical and practical elements. Although students will be required to complete theoretical exercises at the school, there will also be many work experience opportunities and hands-on training in providing nursing and care for the elderly and disabled. Practical exams will also be conducted within a real working environment. 

Practical Nurse Simulation Class at Pieksamaki Campus

Students are required to complete 180 ‘competence points’ in order to graduate from the program. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange their subjects, and they are allowed to study for more than 180 competence points if they wish to. Regardless, teachers and school counselors are on hand to advise you on what you should study and recommend subjects for study for each upcoming semester.  

Accommodation & Opportunities

Every student accepted onto the STEP Practical Nurse Program will be offered a place in the college dormitory completely free of charge. Single rooms are available on the Pieksamaki Campus, and shared rooms are offered on the Jarvenpaa Campus. 

A number of additional benefits are also available to all students living in campus accommodation, including 3 meals per day Monday-Friday, a college counselor to provide any support you need 24/7 during the week, free wifi, shared kitchen, living and laundry facilities, as well as games consoles and a sauna. 

Accommodation at Jarvenpaa campus

There are part-time employment opportunities available across the campuses so that students can earn money while they study, with the opportunity to go full-time during the summer breaks.

How Can I Join the Program?

Head to the ‘How to Apply’ section on our Vocational Program page and contact any partner in your country to begin the process!

Alternatively, or if your country is not listed, you can contact us directly by emailing