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What is the Youth Startup Summer Camp Finland 2022, and why should you join us?

If you’re a student aged 12-18, we’re giving you the unique opportunity to create lifelong memories and lifelong friends at our Youth Startup Summer Camp in Finland this summer. You’ll go on adventures, learn valuable life lessons and new skills, and have the chance to unlock your creativity in new and exciting ways. 

Our unique Startup Project that you’ll embark upon during the summer camp will provide you with entrepreneurship skills, valuable for all kinds of work environments to help you shape your mind and achieve success when entering the real working world.

Why should you learn about entrepreneurship at a young age?

Entrepreneurship is not just about setting up a business. It is about building an empire, interacting with all the stakeholders of the ecosystem, maintaining relationships and so much more. An entrepreneurial dream is not something that has to wait until you finish college. It takes years of learning, practice, and making mistakes before you can truly become a professional in your field. So why wait?

What will we do in Finland for two weeks?

  • Learn Finnish with a native teacher & experience culture and life in Finland: This is priceless, not only digging into grammar or speaking, you dive deeper into the culture of Finland. That’s the context that helps you “feel” the language. Understanding a foreign language is key to making your language learning not just productive but fun and informative. And for those who are about to stay in Finland and study there, it’s crucial to understand the local culture!
  • Entrepreneurship in action: Joining our Startup Summer Camp so you can hone communication skills and collaborate with one another, develop respect, empathy, leadership, and trust, preparing yourself for the future entering adulthood.
  • Life skills / soft skills classes: Take a look below at our cooking session last year, where we taught everybody to cook so they could cook their own meal every day. We had such a busy day preparing all the ingredients to introduce Vietnam’s cuisine to our international friends.
Cooking class at the 2021 summer camp
  • Visiting cities and landscapes in Finland:
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  • Outdoor activities: Outdoors activities are integral to the program. The campsite provides excellent possibilities to enjoy Finnish nature. We do hiking trips and berry picking from the woods. We get to know our lovely reindeers and other farm animals and visit the lake nearby for a beach day. All activities are led and supervised by our team to ensure safety.

Make more friends and become a better version of yourself

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Students at the 2021 summer camp

Have the opportunity to be a member of the international student community with similar passions and interests in education and entrepreneurship as you, and make new friends around the world while doing international projects together. Our summer camp does an amazing job of teaching youth people that it’s alright to fall, it’s okay to come up short but it’s not okay to give up!

See you at the Youth Startup Summer Camp 2022! Register here.