Finest Future Set to Acquire Finnish Language Education Company DreamEd Oy

Hey, it’s Emily here from the Marketing team. My boss forced me to use the inappropriate pics in this article… so here they are. Bear with us! We have something serious to announce so you’d better keep reading!

Finest Future has announced that it will acquire Finnish language education company DreamEd Oy, effective 1 May 2022.

Finest Future, founded by Peter Vesterbacka, Bambi Dang, and Tuomas Tiilikainen, with its global workforce and client base, aims to create global growth through super connecting programs in the areas of education and entrepreneurship.

DreamEd Oy, founded in 2021 by Finnish language teacher Krista Jokinen, was established with the goal to teach the Finnish language to young people, “born from a desire to help young people achieve their best in life”. 

From top clockwise: Tuomas, Peter, Krista, and Bambi (she made me do this!)

“Finest Future has always been known for high-quality teaching with a transparent approach to learning. Having worked with Krista Jokinen ever since the beginning of the Finest Future language program 2 years ago, we felt that having her as part of our core team was only the natural thing to do,” says Tuomas Tiilikainen, COO and co-founder of Finest Future.

“Krista has proved through her endless work ethic and dedication to the students that she embodies all of Finest Future’s core values that separate us from any competitor. Together we have vowed to make the Finest Future program the most sought-after program for students looking to study abroad in the happiest country in the world. We are very delighted to have Krista join us officially in building the next chapter of Finest Future.”

The merger with Finest Future will see Krista continue to lead her dedicated and talented team under the Finest Future name, with the benefit of additional resources and capabilities to continue driving value for her clients and partners around the world.

We’re thrilled to have Krista and her team on board, and can’t wait to see the new heights we can reach together as one team!