Entrepreneurship Gravity: Finest Future x HeiTech Startup Growth Partnership Event

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Join Finest Future and HeiTech on 18 April 2022 as they officiate their partnership at the first Entrepreneurship Gravity event. The event, featuring speakers from Finest Future co-founders and experts in entrepreneurship Bambi Dang and Peter Vesterbacka, will be streamed to audiences across the globe from 19:00 ICT.

The new partnership between Finest Future and HeiTech will see Finest Future support HeiTech in its relocation to Finland, providing the startup with the connections and resources required to develop and grow their business on an international scale from Finland.

Finest Future aims to drive international talent into Finland and the Finest Bay area through their education and entrepreneurship programs, with the goal of making Finland one of the most talent-dense areas in the world. The Finest Future Startup Growth Program connects startups in Vietnam to the Finest Bay area – the world-leading area when measured by the number of unicorns per capita, talent density, innovation, and funding possibilities. Through the partnership, startup founders will have the opportunity to relocate to Finland, set up their companies and receive support from the immense local startup ecosystem, as well as government and investment funds.

Event speaker Peter Vesterbacka, former Mighty Eagle at Angry Birds, will cover topics of entrepreneurship and the spectrum of opportunities available to startup companies within the Finest Bay area.

Serial entrepreneur and startup mentor Bambi Dang will talk in further depth about the Finest Future Startup Growth Program, and how Finest Future can help your startup to capitalize on those opportunities awaiting you, your family and your company in Finland.

HeiTech and the hei.io platform, founded by tech expert Thai Tran, is a revolutionary platform that provides real-time artificial intelligence voice and text translation, and can translate and dub videos in over 70 languages using a selection of 250 voices with a high degree of naturalness. With the ambition to remove the language barrier around the world, Thai Tran wants to see international events – both online and offline – delivered in multiple languages, in real time, with the support of HeiTech’s real-time interpretation. The capabilities of the hei.io platform has the ability to extend a company’s customer reach worldwide. HeiTech aspires to turn hei.io into a global platform by working with forward-thinking investors and connecting with business development experts in the Finest Bay area.

“Thai Tran is a very young and talented startup founder. I admire him for his sharpness and very ambitious goals,” says Bambi Dang, CEO at Finest Future. “We believe in his vision and mission, and have full trust in his capability to take this startup forward. Therefore we have decided to become an investor in his startup, and to grow together with him. We believe with our expertise in internationalization and scaling, as well as a vast network in startup ecosystems, we will make a very good team and go places.”

When asked ‘Why Finland?’ Tran’s face lit up. “Contrary to the belief that startup founders work non-stop, I want to have a good work-life balance. Finland is the place where I can achieve that, not only for me but also for my team,” says Thai Tran, CEO at HeiTech. “Besides, my family will be able to live in the happiest country in the world, and have access to the best education.”

You can register to join the livestream event here