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Finest Future to boost entrepreneurship and collaboration with Vietnam in 2022

Finest Future has always had a big interest in Vietnam, the home country of Bambi Dang – CEO & Co-founder of Finest Future. Vietnam has been the fastest growing country in Southeast Asia in recent years. Finest Future has seen a lot of opportunities in Vietnam and plans to develop projects to support collaboration between Vietnam and the whole Finest Bay Area in many ways.

The meeting with the Chairman of the Vietnam National Assembly

In September 2021, Finest Future helped facilitate the successful meeting of Finland’s Parliament and the High-level delegation from Vietnam. During the visit, Finest Future’s chairman Peter Vesterbacka and CEO Bambi Dang also had a private in-person meeting with Vuong Dinh Hue, the Chairman of the Vietnam National Assembly.

Hue said Vietnam has recently emphasized the importance of technology and innovation, wanting to focus more resources in developing the startup ecosystem in Vietnam and bringing it to a higher level, as well as generating more unicorns in Vietnam. He asked for support and collaboration from Finest Future in these matters, as the Finest Bay Area is leading the World in unicorn creation and attracting the most venture capital per capita anywhere.

Besides the meeting with Mr Chairman Hue, the Finest Future team also had a private in-person meeting with The Vietnam Minister of Planning and Investment (Mr Nguyen Chi Dzung). Mr Dzung also invited Peter Vesterbacka to join the Board of Vietnam National Innovation Center, which is a national unit with the function of supporting and developing Vietnam’s startup and innovation ecosystem, contributing to the innovation of the growth model based on science and technology.

In addition, the Finest Future team also attended the Business Conference with the presence of many large corporations and industry players from Vietnam and Finland, where various company presentations happened, offering great business collaboration opportunities.

These very successful and inspirational meetings have further motivated the Finest Future team to kick start more entrepreneurship activities with Vietnam, with the collaboration of the Vietnam Government and the local startup ecosystem.

Our mission and the Finest Bay Area

Finest Bay Area

Finest Future makes it a mission to turn Vietnam into a great place of innovation among Asian countries through education and entrepreneurship activities. We have initiated close direct collaboration between the startup ecosystems in Vietnam and the whole Finest Bay Area, between sister cities, and identify solutions to improve Vietnam’s ease-of-doing-business index, enabling more incoming investments and business establishment. 

Finest Future also co-hosted events connecting startups from Vietnam and other countries, with the cities of Tampere and Salo in Finland. The event series presented various opportunities for startups to relocate, set up, apply for funding, and expand in Finland, the EU and the world.

Besides, Finest Future organizes the Startup Project course, aiming to offer entrepreneurship knowledge, mentoring by experts, and hands-on experiences to young students in High School. The Startup Project course run by Finest Future is accredited by the individual High Schools in Finland as free-choice studies. Many High Schools in Vietnam have also shown interest in providing the course for their students. We are also connecting Vietnamese and Finnish High Schools, building a strong community where Vietnamese and Finnish young students work on startup projects together.

Finest Future also runs Startup Camps in Finland and Vietnam, where students get the chance to form great teams working together on their actual startup projects, and pitching their ideas in front of jury boards and investors. 

A student is pitching the idea in Startup Camp

Finest Future aims to strengthen the connection between Vietnam and the Finest Bay Area, the world-leading area when measured by a great number of unicorns per capita, talent density, innovation, and funding possibilities. Many successful unicorn companies like Skype, Bolt, Supercell, Wolt, MySQL, Wise, and Rovio were created here. Finland and Estonia, known as FinEst, are also great examples of very close cross-border collaboration in all areas and startup creation.

Finest Future entrepreneurship programs in 2022

With strong relationships with the Vietnamese government and dedication to entrepreneurship, Finest Future has a few focus activities for 2022. Our programs include: 

  • Startup Growth program: Bringing startups to relocate, set up, apply for funding, and expand in the Finest Bay Area
  • Startup Project course: Teaching entrepreneurship in 8-week program courses to students in High Schools.
  • Startup Camps: Organizing 1-2 week camps in Winter and Summer, teaching young students aged 12-18 about entrepreneurship and helping them to develop their startup projects.
  • Startup Leadership Academy: A 3-month program equipping startup founders with leadership skills for exponential growth.

By rolling our programs out in Finland, Vietnam and many other nations, we can build a foundation for the future startup nation development globally. With the dedicated support from Finest Future, we believe that Vietnam and Finland can achieve fantastic results in entrepreneurship and education.