Vietnam Day Event Successfully Hosted in Salo High School

Finland, August 27th, 2021 – In the act of celebrating the bilateral relations between Vietnam and Finland, the Vietnam Day event has been hosted by the City of Salo, Salo High School and Finest Future in Salo, Finland.

Taken place at the Salo High School, the Vietnam Day event has successfully happened on Friday, August 27. The event is a convergence of the authority of Salo city, the high school of Salo city and Finest Future in efforts to cherish the Vietnamese culture, as well as an opportunity to warmly welcome the students from Vietnam – who have landed safely and ready to live their new life in Finland.

Participated in the event was Ms. Dang Thi Hai Tam – Vietnamese ambassador in Finland. Ms. Tam shared: “This is an initiative of the Vietnamese embassy in efforts to introduce the culture of Vietnam to young generations of Finland. We firmly believe the young people will be in charge of maintaining and strengthening the bilateral relationship of the two nations”.

The event also welcomed the participation of 7 students from Finest Future High School Program class 2021. Currently studying different schools from multiple cities, still, all students have made their time to join and celebrate the Vietnamese day together with our guests.

Within the agenda of the event, participants are introduced to many of Vietnamese culture: from music, social, to the traditional dishes in Vietnam. All are warmly welcomed by participants in the event, including 620 students studying at Salo High school and 50 teachers.

It was an honor for Finest Future to co-host the event, as well as tackling the challenge of connecting students’ dreams to their study abroad destination in Finland. The event is not only a celebration of Vietnamese culture but also a great milestone for Finest Future on the journey of spreading the High School Program to many other students – a moment to look back and strengthen motivation on upcoming opportunities.