Safety & COVID Situation in Finland

It is a common belief that studying abroad during the COVID pandemic is challenging, especially for students studying in High School, given that they are at much higher risk and the safety concern of parents when letting children live on their own at young ages. However, it is not the case for the Finest Future High School Program students – as they have successfully flown over and are currently starting their exciting study life in Finland.

Finland Safety

According to Finland Crime & Safety Report 2020 produced by Overseas Security Advisory Council, Finland is one of the safest countries globally and has one of the world’s most effective and trusted police forces. Students of all ages, even in kindergarten, can freely and easily venture into the blessed nature of Finland to discover life without any concern. In addition, each group of students will be assigned to a guardian to help provide support promptly and take care of children on their well-being and mental health.

Safety in Finland

Therefore, Finland is an excellent choice for students to study abroad, explore nature, and parents can leave their children to grow with ease. 

The COVID Situation & Vaccination

We are all aware that the COVID pandemic is still spreading worldwide, with the cases increasing drastically. For instance, in Vietnam, where the majority of high school program students come from, the situation is quite challenging. New Covid-19 cases are counted in tens of thousands daily; many metropolises, including Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, are in lockdown for several months. Meanwhile, the situation in Finland is looking much brighter. Recognising less than 1000 active cases per day and a low death rate even from the first wave of COVID, Finland remains one of the countries with little impact during this pandemic. Given that the situation is under control and the possibility to reach a vaccination rate of 80 per cent by October 2021, it makes sense that lives are slowly and safely returning to their pace – especially the education aspect of the country.

One student of High School Program 2021 gets vaccinated in Finland

With responsibility and care for the students, our Finest Future team quartered in Finland has registered for all students to get vaccinated. All of our students have taken the first shot just two weeks after landing in Finland, well prepared for a fun and safe schooling experience ahead at their high school.

The Finest Future High School Program 2022 is open for applications until September 31st, 2021. We welcome you to your finest future in Finland. For more information, please contact us at:

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