HS2021 Diary: The first Summer Camp ever in Finland!

After a few hours flying from Vietnam, the first group of students in the Finest Future High School Program 2021 eventually arrived in Salla, Finland, on 27th July. The chilly weather in Salla, opposite of the hot season in Sai Gon, Viet Nam, told the students they indeed stepped into a whole new world. A journey full of excitement and exploration has begun, initially with a fun and interesting Summer Camp.

This year, the Vietnamese group consists of 7 young and ambitious students: Anh Thy, Tuan Khai, Dinh Minh, Duc Anh, Tuong Anh, Minh Phuong and Yen Phuong. They are pioneering kids bravely pursuing their dreams in Finland, even though the pandemic situation makes it much more challenging than ever before. Wonderfully, they are warmly welcomed everywhere and soon get used to the atmosphere in this Scandinavian country.

There is a wide range of activities in the Summer Camp, from training to entertainment. The kids take Finnish classes directly with the local Finnish teacher and have the chance to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit while presenting their Startup Project ideas. In addition, Bambi & Peter, our Finest Future’s core associates in Finland, have become the most friendly tour guides showing the kids to famous attractions such as the Santa village, Oodi library and presenting them to the renowned traditional Finnish sauna, as well as Frisbee golf for the first time.

After the fun and knowledgeable experience in the Summer Camp, the kids say goodbye to their friends and spread out to different cities where their high schools are located. A new adventure is waiting for them.

Let’s have a look at the precious moments in Summer Camp 2021!

Visiting Vietnam Embassy in Finland – what a powerful squad!
Confidently presenting startup projects 
Getting interviewed by Finnish media – our brilliant kids will soon get used to the media attention
What’s life without (floorball) goals.
Check-in Helsinki
Best wishes to all these beloved students. Your journey has just begun!