Come and study high school in Finland

Do you want your child to receive the best preparation but don’t trust your country’s education system? Are you thinking of sending your child abroad to finish high school? If so, this article is for you.

Education: the key for a better future

The secret to a nation’s progress is undoubtedly in the education it offers its young people. This is why many countries have dedicated themselves to the task of thinking deeply about education, giving it the respect and funding it deserves.

However, when we think of the best educational systems in the world, our mind immediately goes to the great world powers, such as the United States or the United Kingdom, for example, which diverts our attention from other countries with excellent educational systems oriented towards the future.

Finnish Educational system

Such is the case of Finland, which until recently ranked first in the top ten best educational systems on the planet. Let’s know why:

A different vision of education

In this country, the idea of education is very different from the conventional idea of other nations, since the class schedule is very short, which allows students to have enough time to devote to their personal interests. On the other hand, schools organize a large number of activities to keep students busy while they are being trained in the different areas of human development. 

Students take the first place 

While teachers are very well paid, students take first place in the Finnish education system. This is why students are given more time for themselves. For this, as unbelievable as it may seem, students have no homework. In this way, they will have much more time to share with their classmates or with their family. This is a remarkable difference with respect to other countries with good educational systems. 

Education is about happiness

The Finnish education system tries to include in its curriculum all those subjects that are considered to be able to make students’ brains work better. That is why they have not eliminated subjects such as the arts, music or poetry from their curriculum, as in other Western countries. For Finnish teachers, education is a matter of happiness, so students find a way of learning which makes them happy, eliminating any pressure along the way. 

No tests

Some countries, like the US for example, have a standardized test to determine the knowledge of their students. In Finland, it is not like that. Given the fact that all the schools in the country are equal, Finnish are sure that, wherever they go within the country, their children are getting the same education. That is why private schools don’t exist in Finland. So rich students go to the same high schools as anyone else, which leads them to grow up healthy.

The student is the center

Considering that in Finland the student is at the center, institutions, by encouraging students’ creativity and giving them enough time to think about their future, teachers feel free to say to their students “you can become whatever you want when you grow up”. This is because they already have the power to decide what they want to do in high school.If you want your children to be educated abroad under an educational system capable not only of making them learn but also of making them happy at the same time, perhaps there is no better choice than Finland.