Finest Future is here!

We are very happy to announce that the Finest Future is starting now in Vietnam and Uzbekistan. Our aim is simple: offer the best educational system and entrepreneurial environment in the world.

We understand the importance of high quality education. Thus, the Finest Future High School was started. We offer students from all over the world the chance to apply to the best schools on our planet right in Finland. For more information about the High School program, please visit our High School section.

Finland is known for having the most unicorns per capita in the world. We also boast the best startup event on the planet in Slush. It’s no surprise that companies like Rovio (Angry Birds), Mysql, Nokia, Kone, Supercell and many others are located in Finland and have been founded here. The various cities in Finland can offer great benefits, environment and talent for your growth aspirations. We at Finest Future, are soon launching our Founder program which helps international Founders finding their Finest Future in Finland.

On behalf of the whole Finest Future organization, which by the way includes the key figure behind Angry Birds and Slush (Peter Vesterbacka), we wish you all welcome to Finland! Don’t hesitate to contact us and find how you as a Founder will benefit from our services and relocating to the Finest Bay Area.

Yours truly,
Tuomas Tiilikainen